Time Recorder

Seiko Z120

Time recording device Z120

The Z120 is a time recorder / punch clock for working time recording on a new monthly stamp card with 6 columns / 31 rows (weekly and 2-weekly cards also available) to simplyfy the punch clock operation and following payroll work.


Seiko Z120


  • Work time registrations in 6 columns and 31 rows on single sided stamp card “Type M”.
  • Up to 3 IN- / OUT-registrations per day (total of 6 punches) in hours and minutes.
  • Time registration without arithmetic function with simple time card type “SEIKO M”.
  • Illuminated display with display of time, date, day of week and print column indication.
  • Automatic card feeder.
  • Fully automatic summer / winter time changeover can be programmed.
  • Immediately ready for operation after power connection, date retention even during a power failure.
  • N/C Signal output for bell ringing.

The following functions can be set:

  • Time registration in hours and minutes, or 1/100 hrs.
  • Identification of core time injuries.
  • Day advance time can be set at any one time (set at the factory to 5.00).
  • Automatic summer / winter time changeover (DST).
  • Core time violation or early IN/OUT can be printed with a special mark.
  • Special programs can be set for Sat./Sun..
  • In conjunction with the new stamp card type “M”, registration of IN / OUT times in 6 columns without calculation function.
  • Payroll options:
    – monthly (factory set)
    – weekly
    – 2-weekly.
  • Time display in 12- or 24-hour clock.
  • Backlit display and Control Panel.
  • The print column can be selected automatically via timetable programm and otherwise via push buttons. The button “Overwrite” is for clocking out after a night shift. After pushing it the OUT punch will be stamped in the previous day row – last position.
  • Display reads:
    – Day of the week Mo. – So.
    – Day of month 1 – 31
    – Time and summer / winter time mark.
  • The Z120 is equipped with a potential free contact and can be used for controlling a signal relay or signal generator (bell ringing).
  • The unit has a self-diagnostic function and reports errors in the electronics or mechanics section by showing the respective error number in the display.