Time and Date Stamp

Seiko Precision TP-6


Seiko Solutions Inc., Japan, has introduced the all new SEIKO TP-6 low cost time & date stamp product! Based on their long time experience in the field of highly reliable mechanical time recording and time & date stamping such as the well known TP-20 for example, the TP-6 provides the essential features of time & date printing in different formats combined with a highly durable and reliable printing mechanism. The TP-6 offers standard time & date printing which can be combined with 13 pre-set comments. Easy print set selection directly at the machine.


Seiko Precision TP-6

The TP-6 performs important functions such as

  • time recording for imprinting documents with time / date / comment.
  • time stamping for imprinting documents with date and time in 18 selectable formats.
  • large character printing for OCR reader applications.
  • 18 preset print formats.
  • 2 or 4 digits year formats.
  • Time in AM/PM or 24HR formats.
  • 13 preset messages can be combined with DATE & TIME: RCVD, SENT, IN, OUT, CFMD, FILED, PAID, USED, FAXED, VOID, ORIGN, APR’D, CMPL’D.
  • Printing Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese.
  • Never needs resetting and keeps time during power failures.
  • Perpetual calendar until Year 2099 changes year, month and date automatically.
  • Choose left or right hand margin printing.
  • Large cabinet window for easy document alignment.
  • Automatic print activation when form is inserted.
  • Automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time.
  • 4 digits numeric password for program protection.
  • Designed for wall mounting or table top operation

The main function of a time and date stamp is the registration of date, time, numbers and comments – preset or programmable, progressive or static and/or in combination thereof and in different languages and character sizes.

Typical applications are documentation of Start or End times in workshops, car repair and in simple Job costing, order or project control but also for arrival / departure applications for persons or vehicles (simple parking meter).

In banking or insurance applications the printing of deposit slips for checks or new contracts or order with the exact date and time of order and execution even with multiple copies thanks to the reliable dot matrix impact technology.

The SEIKO made dot matrix print head with its long life printing ribbon is not sensitive against heat, cold, humidity or other harsh environments. SEIKO – as well as ourselves – are so confident in the quality of this mechanism, that we offer a 4 Year limited warranty on the TP-6.

  • Ribbon cassette: TP-1051N black
  • Ribbon cassette: TP-1051R red

Digital (date and time)

Monthly within +/-15sec. or better (at ordinary temperature)

Ribbon cassette:
Mono color Nylon fabric (TP-1051N standard black included)

220-240VAC +/-10%, 50/60Hz, 0.3A (external power adapter in EU style or UK style available)

Dimensions (WxhxD):
160 x 172 x 143 mm

Approx, 1.4kg (1.6kg with AC adapter)

  • Job-costing (Car repair, laboratory work)
  • Time & Attendance
  • Delivery / Dispatch
  • Ticketing / Validating
  • Check-in / Check-out
  • Document issuing / Receiving
  • Transaction recording in banking applications, check deposit, etc.