BUERK MOBATIME limited warranty on SEIKO time recording devices

SEIKO has set standards for product quality and reliability since years. BUERK Mobatime Germany (in this document called BMT) as the sole importer and official EU-representative of the SEIKO Time & Attendance product range is honoring this reliability now by offering a 4 year limited warranty – starting May 1st, 2018 – on ALL SEIKO PRECISION T&A machines (QR-395, Z-120, TP-50, TP-6) that are being purchased from BUERK Mobatime GmbH in Germany or through our official distributors and resellers.

Extended warranty services

This BMT Hardware Limited Warranty gives you, the customer, express limited warranty rights from BMT, the importer, for the dIn addition to the statutory warranty and defects liability period, you will receive an additional voluntary guarantee from Bürk Mobatime GmbH on our SEIKO time recording devices. This guarantee provides you with a total limited warranty period of 4 years from the date of purchasing or leasing start of the time recording device.

General guarantee conditions

Contrary to the statutory warranty and defects liability claim, the scope of the voluntary guarantee promise can be limited. One therefore speaks of “limited warranty”, although the customer actually benefits from additional quality and guarantee commitments.

This limited warranty from BMT grants you, the end customer / user, specific guarantee rights from the EU importer BMT. If there is any different agreement with BMT, other statutory rights may not be excluded, restricted or suspended by this limited BMT guarantee.

This limited BMT guarantee only applies to Time & Attendance hardware products from the SEIKO brand. The term “SEIKO hardware product” is limited to the hardware components and the required firmware. Software systems and products from other manufacturers are excluded from this guarantee.

To the extent permitted by law, BMT guarantees that a SEIKO hardware product of BMT’s choice will be repaired, replaced or reimbursed that has a defect in material or workmanship during the limited warranty period. If you are the end user, BMT will also inform you of a possible defect in your BMT hardware product during this warranty period. BMT’s obligation under this limited warranty to repair, replace, or refund a hardware product with material or workmanship defects, at its sole discretion, shall expire upon expiration of the relevant warranty period.

This warranty period begins when buying or leasing the product from BMT or from the date on which BMT or the service provider authorized by BMT has completed the installation. Your dated sales or delivery note with the purchase or lease date of the SEIKO hardware product is proof of the purchase or lease date, unless BMT or your authorized reseller otherwise informs you in writing. Typically, you will need to provide this proof of purchase or lease to receive warranty service.

Some states or countries do not allow the following exclusions or restrictions, so these statements may be limited in their applicability in your particular case.

This limited BMT warranty applies to all countries and can be enforced in any country or region where BMT or its authorized service providers offer a warranty service for the same product model number, subject to the terms set out in this limited BMT warranty. This limited BMT guarantee is subject to all applicable national export and import laws and regulations. Under this limited BMT warranty, SEIKO hardware products purchased in one country or region can be transferred to another country or region where BMT or its authorized service providers offer warranty service for the same product model numbers. Warranty terms, service availability, and service response times may vary from country or region to country or region.

The response time of the standard warranty service may change due to the availability of local parts. If parts are not available, the service partner authorized by BMT can provide you with details. BMT will not change the shape, fit, or function of this SEIKO hardware product to work in a country for which it should never work. BMT is not responsible for tariffs or charges that may be incurred when the products are transferred. The transfer of the products may be covered by, and be subject to, all applicable export and import laws, regulations and controls of various governments.

You are entitled to a hardware warranty service in accordance with the terms and conditions of this document if a repair of your SEIKO hardware product is required because a material and processing defect has occurred within the limited warranty period. BMT will, at its own discretion, repair or replace any component or hardware product that has been found to be defective in material or workmanship during the limited warranty period, provided that the end customer / user provides proof of the error within the agreed warranty period. Limited warranty period.

Unless otherwise stated and permitted to the extent permitted by law, new SEIKO hardware products can be manufactured using new materials or new and used materials that correspond to functionally new functions in terms of performance and reliability. In accordance with local laws, (a) BMT hardware products submitted for repair can be replaced with refurbished BMT hardware products of the same type rather than being repaired, and (b) refurbished parts can be used to repair BMT hardware products. (c) Replaced or repaired BMT hardware products correspond in performance and reliability to the original products that were no longer manufactured. Unless expressly stipulated otherwise by law, the original warranty period remains unchanged even in the event of a repair or replacement and does not start again.

All components or hardware products removed under this limited BMT warranty become the property of BMT, unless applicable local law provides otherwise. In the unlikely event that your SEIKO hardware product has recurring errors or BMT determines that the device cannot be repaired or replaced, BMT can, at its own discretion, offer you (a) a replacement unit selected by BMT with the same or functionally equivalent performance or (b) to grant you a refund or credit for your purchase price or lease payments (less interest) instead of a replacement. Insofar as this is permitted under local law, this is your exclusive legal claim for such defective products.


BMT does not guarantee that the operation of this SEIKO hardware product is always possible without interruption or error. BMT is not responsible for damage caused by non-compliance with the intended operating instructions on the part of the end customer / user.

This limited BMT warranty does not apply to expendable or consumable parts, with the exception of SEIKO printing accessories and certain rechargeable batteries. It also does not apply to hardware products from which the serial number has been removed or that have been damaged:

  • as a result of accidents, misuse, liquid spillage, abuse, contamination, improper or inadequate maintenance or calibration or other external causes;
  • by operating outside of the usage parameters specified in the user documentation that came with the SEIKO hardware product;
  • through software, interfaces, parts or accessories that are not supplied by BMT;
  • due to improper site preparation, maintenance or environmental conditions that do not meet BMT’s site specifications;
  • Viruses, infections, worms or similar malicious code that was not introduced by BMT;
  • due to loss or damage during transportation;
  • by modification or service by someone other than BMT or a service provider authorized by BMT; or
  • through improper installation of BMT or BMT approved parts that can be replaced by the end user, provided they are available for your SEIKO hardware product in the service country or in the service region.