Time- and  Date-Stamp
Time- and Date Stamp

TP-50 Time- and Date Stamp

  • 2 line printing by one action – extremly fast printing
  • Up to 4 print patterns assignable to dedicated pushbutton
  • Custom comment programming and setting by PC plus print data pick-up via USB stick
  • Up to 8 versatile numbering counters
  • Lighted print area and back-lit graphic display
Time Recorder
Time Recorder

Z120 – Time Recorder

  • Max. 6 columns per day, 3 x in/out each
  • Easy opertion due to single sided monthly card
  • Exact card guide, clear LCD display
  • Easy selection of print column, night shift button
  • SEIKO Precision Qualitiy – saves money in the long-term
 Cloud system (ZWS Web)
Cloud system

Cloud system (ZWS Web)

  • Low operating costs
  • No installation or maintenance of the IT infrastructure
  • Identification of employees via RFID
  • Time recording is based on working time profiles
  • A working time profile is assigned to each employee
Time Recorder
Time Recorder

QR-395 – Robust Time Recorder

  • Barcoded time cards numbered 1-100
  • Use of uncoded time card type “S” (QR-350) is possible
  • Calculation of work time total can be turned on/off
  • Monthly, 2-weekly, weekly pay periods
  • Automatic D.S.T. adjust and bell ringing
01 Time- and
02 Time Recorder
03 Cloud system (ZWS Web)
04 Time Recorder
Welcome to

BÜRK MOBATIME EUROPE: The competence in time recording systems

We are your partner for electromechanical time recording devices (date and time stamps, simple time clocks or high-quality time clocks with arithmetic function). You can also get all necessary accessories (quality stamp cards, ribbons, card boxes) from our warehouse. Our electronic time recording systems (ZWS Web) can be operated with or without a time recording terminal (i.e. only on a PC or via smartphone). We work with modern, data protection-secure cloud software. This software is a MOBATIME in-house development, continuously being improved and  very well suited e.g. for companies with several branches or as a mobile time recording system. Our punching clocks and time recording systems are easy and intuitive to use and suitable for all industries.

BUERK MOBATIME in Germany is one of the oldest and largest customers of SEIKO Precision and has had its own longstanding company tradition for time systems since 1855. In order to continue to offer first-class customer support in Europe from January 2015, after streamlining their own sales organization, SEIKO Precision decided to nominate our BUERK MOBATIME GmbH in Germany as EXCLUSIVE IMPORTER and main distributor for the SEIKO Precision time recording and time stamp products with the SEIKO Precision or the brand name SEIKO.

In order to serve this special clientele internationally, a new brand “BÜRK MOBATIME Europe” was created, which has now become well established. We assure you – as a new customer or as a previous SEIKO Precision customer – that we will continue to offer SEIKO Precision timestamp and time clocks, as well as the supply of consumables such as ink ribbons (including those for Seiko Precision / SEIKOSHA dot matrix printers), time cards, card stands, etc. In addition, BUERK MOBATIME offers a range of complementary devices and, above all, electronic time recording systems that could also be of interest to our dealers, distributors and customers.

We are very proud to represent SEIKO Precision time recording devices in Europe by means of a “Head Distributor Agreement” with the headquarters of SEIKO Precision Inc. in Japan. This agreement ensures all necessary sales structures in Europe and partly in Africa. We would also like to point out that service and support from BUERK MOBATIME for established SEIKO Precision customers, distributors and dealers are also guaranteed. Of course, we will continue to make every effort to maintain this business relationship with SEIKO Precision in the future and appreciate your continued trust in SEIKO Precision products and BUERK MOBATIME Europe as your contact.

With a SEIKO time clock or an electronic time recording system from our company, you can register working times or keep a legal record of minimum wages simple and elegant. As an entrepreneur, you may be obliged to record the working hours of the employees and to be able to provide complete proof to the authorities.

Since we launched this new website with effect from May 2020, we hope you enjoy it and find some useful information that fits well with your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We are available for you at any time! If you would like to find out more about BUERK MOBATIME GmbH and MOBATIME Group, please visit www.buerk-mobatime.de. We look forward to further or a new business relationship!

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